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The Crew

Find out more about the Crew on 'The Forgotten Workers'
thumbail of Alysoun Sharpe- DirectorAlysoun Sharpe- Director
thumbail of Tom Evans- CameramanTom Evans- Cameraman
thumbail of Tim Young- Sound recordistTim Young- Sound recordist
thumbail of Mark Boston- Camera AssistantMark Boston- Camera Assistant
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Shadowcat Films have worked in the area for over three years and were founded by Alysoun Sharpe who grew up in North Northumberland. 

Alysoun directed, produced and edited the film, working with Tom Evans, a freelance cameraman from Newcastle, Tim Young, owner of Electric Studios, a sound studio in Scotland, and Mark Boston, an animator, who acted as the cameraman's assistant, and runner.

"The medium of film is a great way of telling the story of characters and periods in history in a dynamic and attractive way. 'The Forgotten Workers' is very visual with beautiful costumes and locations. Part of the original brief was to 'bring history to life' and the film has been very successful in doing this....Shadowcat Films is passionate about preserving heritage through the film, and we were very excited about working with Dinah Iredale who had produced a meticulous and fascinating script. We were also looking forward to casting and working with local actors, all of whom gave beautiful performances and could not have been better to work with. The film was a pleasure to be involved in from start to finish and we were delighted to be involved."

-Alysoun Sharpe (Director, and founder of Shadowcat Films)