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Meet the Other Characters


"I wish these hirings were over... it's getting everyone on edge..."
thumbail of Lena (Susan Wilson) Lena (Susan Wilson) click here to view large images

Lena is George’s wife and Maggie’s sister-in-law.  She has three young children and feels herself lucky to have George’s sister as the bondager and not a stranger from the hirings.  She is a housewife and she appears in the dinner-time (mid-day) scene making bannocks and preparing dinner for the family.   Lena is particularly affected by the bondage system because with having three small children she cannot do the bondage work with George.  This means that there has to be another adult woman in the household.   Maggie is a considerate girl but Lena is well aware that a complete stranger in the household could cause a lot of problems.

Lena has to accommodate her family and Maggie in one large room divided only by box-beds.  In this space there would be a fire with sway for cooking but no oven.  Cooking would be simple and in the dinner-time scene she is making bannocks and a pot is bubbling away over the fire.  Maggie has brought water, which would be obtained from a well or stream that might be a distance from the cottage.

Tommy and Little Jimmy are Lena and George’s eldest children and stop briefly to chat on their way to school. 

Lena was played by Susan Wilson.

"My character Lena was earthy, raw and honest. I enjoyed working with Alysoun and her team and learning more about these Forgotten Workers. I would love to work on similar projects!"

-Susan Wilson


Lena's husband and a fiddle player...
thumbail of George (Nick Jenkins) George (Nick Jenkins) click here to view large images

George is Lena’s husband and Maggie’s brother. He is known as an excellent fiddle player.  He is quite militant and Lena hopes he ‘does’nae dae onythin’ silly’ with regard to the dispute.  He plays for the ceilidh and for Jim’s militant song.

George was played by Nick Jenkins who also played the fiddle for the soundtrack.


A wonderful storyteller...
thumbail of Evelyn (Eileen Woodward) Evelyn (Eileen Woodward) click here to view large images

Evelyn is an older member of the community who is noted as a very good storyteller. She appears in the ceilidh.   A housewife like Lena, she has to manage to make a comfortable life in a small cottage.   In her story she mentions Bill her husband although we do not meet him.

Evelyn was played by Eilleen Woodward.

The crowd at Paxton

The crowd in Alnwick, 1866...
thumbail of The Hinds in the Crowd The Hinds in the Crowd click here to view large images

When we visit 'Alnwick' (filmed on location at Paxton House) we meet Gilbert and William. There is also a crowd of people listening to their speeches. Firstly we see a hind who has failed to capture the crowds attention and runs down the stairs, this leads the two hinds to begin their discussion with 'Well that yin didn't have much to say did he Gil?'.

The crowd includes a dismayed farmer's wife who would not be enjoying the speeches because she would be wondering how her husband was to obtain his workers. There are two bondagers in the crowd listening intently to the speeches. They are not too happy when Gil says that bondagers 'take it all out of you here at dinnertime' (meaning they eat a lot). They would feel quite secure being aware that their work and skills were needed and women were in short supply. Perhaps they worked with a father or husband or they might have a cottage in their own right much like Annie. There is a shop keeper and his wife who have just come out onto the street to witness the drama. The rest of the crowd is made up of hinds, who would be fully supportive of the men and their ideas, and react with enthusiasm!

"My husband and I played the part of the shop keeper and his wife. We were only extras, but we really enjoyed it. We were made to feel welcome and were well instructed in what was needed of us.  We also appreciated that fact that when we were not needed, we were told that we could go and have a drink, rather that being left to just hang around to get cold!"

-Val Knowles (Shopekeeper's wife)

"To meet and talk with all those involved on the day was a great experience. The end result speaks for itself."

-Nigel Moffat (Hind)

I enjoyed being an extra in The Forgotten Workers as I was able to put together my own costume (with approval from the director etc., of course!) and I loved watching the process of filming - translating the story onto the screen.  It was in such small scenes and yet when the whole thing was shown, it came together as one continuous narrative.  Brilliant! Next time I'll try for a main part!"

-Naomi Kenny (Farmer's wife)