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Meet the Hinds


"And in the end, what did it gain? Bondage was still the bane of oor lives"
thumbail of Bob (Andrew Fell) Bob (Andrew Fell) click here to view large images

Bob is the senior of the three men and takes, to a certain extent,  ‘a seen it all before attitude’ but in his own way is worrying and talks about ‘hard times’.  He is a calmer man so does not get as heated as Jim but he is well aware that the bondage system leaves him unable to enjoy his home in comfort and privacy.  He resents the bondager and her strong-willed and independent ways. He does try to exert some discipline over his bondager but without success!  The hind hired the bondager so strictly speaking she was his servant but the bondagers were noted for not liking housework (household work seemed to be the term used at this time) or other domestic chores and once fieldwork was over they did as they pleased. The hind’s wife was left to do all the cooking, all the household work, all the washing and all the caring for her children. 

Bob was played by Andrew Fell.

"I see Bob as being a man who has seen it all and heard the stories of the end of the Bondage system many times before and will believe it when it happens but won`t build up expectations."

-Andrew Fell


"300 you say? I wonder who organised that lot then..."
thumbail of Jim (Adam Fletcher) Jim (Adam Fletcher) click here to view large images

Jim is older than Tam, and is married with children although they aren’t mentioned.  Like Bob he is suffering the problems of housing a bondager in his small cottage with his family.   He speaks with great feeling about the small cottages, gossiping and the general upset to his home life caused by the bondage system.  Sensible and hardworking he is keen to keep in the know!  Jim is the more militant of the three and more likely to have attended more meetings than Bob.  In these meetings the bondage system and its removal were discussed.  Also the money wage was discussed and in some cases large increases were talked about. The setting up of a protection association was usually discussed but not always achieved.

Jim was played by Adam Fletcher.

"Jim was a lively and outspoken character, trying to hone his accent was a challenge, but doing the song in the Ceilidh scene accompanied by Nick on the fiddle was the highlight for me...

...Brilliant to have had the experience of acting in a film. Fascinating to learn about a bit of local history I'd only heard tell of. Some great friends made."

-Adam Fletcher


"Aye but this time it'll be different..."
thumbail of Tam (Slink Jadranko) Tam (Slink Jadranko) click here to view large images

Tam is the youngest hind in the film and engaged to marry Maggie.   He is sensible, optimistic, full of energy, friendly and outgoing but listening to the older men with respect.  Living at home with his parents he has not yet experienced the difficulties of the bondage system himself except perhaps as a child.  His experience as an adult is limited to seeing the problems suffered by neighbours and hearing much from the older members of the community.  He will have attended the many Hind’s Meetings which occurred at this time.  He is a fully trained hind having started as an odd laddie with one horse and progressing to full hind status with charge of two horses.   Bob and Jim may well have trained him.  He will have started as an odd laddie at the age of 14 and perhaps becoming a full hind by the age of 20 or like Bob Lee (see the Memories section on the DVD) more quickly.

Tam was played by Slink Jadranko.

"Having the chance to work with such friendly people who are so passionate about their work is always a genuine pleasure, along with the satisfaction of seeing a project of this scale come to fruition. That it informed me about a way of life I only tangentially knew of but that affected the area so profoundly was a real bonus...

...Tam was very much a youngster coming to terms with the system he was working in, informed by the older hinds and bondagers around him, and with another few decades of the system ahead of him."

-Slink Jadranko

Gilbert Turnbull and William Campbell

"Now men what have we all come here for? What about the money?"
thumbail of Gilbert (right) and William Gilbert (right) and William click here to view large images

These two Hinds feature in a scene set in Alnwick in 1866. They address the crowd about the bondage system and the newspapers of the time reported this in detail.

The two hinds named in the newspapers are Gilbert Turnbull who is hind at Christon Bank and William Campbell of Shankhall near North Sunderland.

Gilbert Turnbull seemed to be the calmer of the two hinds and William Campbell is more of a firebrand. The reporter of this meeting concludes, however, that the men who spoke ‘had been moderate in their demands’.

Gilbert was played by Bill McDougal-Inglis and William by Seymour Reed.

"There is something immensely satisfying and edifying about recognising, and representing, the mostly-forgotten lives of great hardship and simple pleasures experienced by our own local, comparatively-recent forbears...

...Gilbert Turnbull is such a refreshingly innocent and honest shop steward, for all his scars of engrained drudgery".

- Bill McDougal-Inglis

"In rehearsals I particularly enjoyed being allowed to build my character,whilst being gently and expertly directed into creating the right tempo and feel. Whilst filming, being supported and encouraged to bring out a strong performance by the professionals involved gave me the confidence to enjoy the whole day with only minimal nerves...

William is a likeable man of the people with a well developed intellect and sense of fairness. He eloquently and persuasively outlines the injustices of the system and comes over as a catalyst for social change."

-Seymour Reed